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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia

Udayana University, Indonesia

Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia received Doctor Degree from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, Indonesia on August 2003, with major field of study was Material Engineering. He participated in various international research collaborations such as with Muroran Institute of Technology Japan (2004), Toyohashi University of Technology Japan (2006), Leoben Mining University Austria (2008-2009), Technical University of Vienna Austria (2010), Institute Chemical technology of Prague Czech Republic (2012-now) and very recently with Michigan State University (MSU) and University of Hawaii in the USA under Fulbright Scholarship. His current job is as Full Professor in the field of Material Engineering at Engineering Faculty, Udayana University, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. His research interest covers subjects such as, Biomedical Engineering, biosensor, biomaterial, waste recycle, failure analyses, advance ceramic, metallurgy, composite, renewable energy, and environmental friendly manufacturing.

Prof. Zairin Noor

Lambung Mangkurat University, Indonesia

Zairin Noor born in Banjarmasin, November 20th, 1961. He is orthopedic specialist since 1995. He received Doctor Degree from Brawijaya University (UB) Malang, Indonesia on 2011 with major field of study was Nanobiologic. He participated in various International Research and has published more than 25 articles in international journal. Zairin Noor has followed several fellowship including: Orthopedic Fellow, Department of Orthopedic, Chonnam University Hospital, Gwang-Ju, Korea (August – November 1994), Lee/Show Foundation Orthopedic Fellow Attached to Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery - National University Hospital - Singapore (February – July 1995), Orthopedic Spine fellow (supervised by Prof. Hansen Yuan, M.D), Syracuse University of New York, Health Science Center, Syracuse, NY-USA (August–October 1998). He lives in Banjarmasin and his current jobs are Orthopedic Specialist/ Spine Consultant in Ulin General Hospital, Suaka Insan Hospital and Siaga Surgical Hospital Banjarmasin; Full Professor and Dean of Medical Faculty. Lambung Mangkurat University; President of Indonesian Orthopedic Association; and Head of Research for Osteoporosis in Ulin General Hospital. His research interest covers subjects such as, biomedical science, spine, nano-biologic, osteoporosis, bone structure and mineral.